Here at Clark Computer Services, we love servers. Cloud Servers or on premise, VMWare, Windows, Exchange and several other types we support at hundreds of local businesses. Our staff is expertly trained to support complicated server setups.

Servers are designed to run all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many components in servers have fault tolerance built in, they are built to be reliable. Servers help to consolidate your storage and resources, and increase your security and reliability. With a server, data and resources can be easily shared between colleagues. Severs are perfect for teams working on shared projects or with remote and mobile workers who need access to files outside the office.

With a server, we can centralize logins and password resets. We can create login scripts to automate things like installing printers, mapping network drives, and many other things. Servers help in keeping your network secure for your office’s digital security requirements or for things like HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA Compliance can be a complicated and painful thing. We have helped several local offices become HIPAA compliant and would be happy to help your office get compliant too.

Most businesses using more than one computer will benefit from having a server or at least a NAS (Network Attached Storage). For businesses with multiple employees, servers allow easy file-sharing, remote access, safer storage and much more security. A server centrally backs up information, which can save time, prevent data loss, and even if a disaster strikes an individual computer, your information is still safe and accessible.

If you need a new server, we would be happy to discuss your needs and offer a free quote. If you have an existing server we can also make sure that it is being properly monitored, maintained, and backed up.