Computer Data Recovery

For many people, computers have become a vault to keep their precious things in. Whether it be pictures and videos of family members and special events, an ever-growing music collection, or files and business documents that must be retained – there’s no doubt that our computers have become something that we rely on heavily for storage. Most hard drives that are used today are standard disk drives that store information magnetically on platters that spin constantly at 5400 or 7200 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM). A disk reading head on an actuating arm swings across the platters as they spin to read and write data. It is an intricate system that over time, as with anything that involves mechanical moving parts, is prone to failure. Sometimes the process is very gradual and just results in slow system speed and unexplained errors in programs and the operating system. Other times the failure is sudden and catastrophic and the drive instantly becomes unreadable. At that point the computer may not start at all and computer data recovery process may be in order.

In many cases, we can retrieve your pictures, videos, music, documents, or whatever files you need off your old hard drive and restore them to another hard drive or device. More importantly, we can help you set up a regular backup plan to prepare for any data loss situations in the future. We offer several options for home users and business including local and cloud storage backup methods.

There are times when a hard drive suffers irreparable physical damage and we will not be able to retrieve your files. For those situations, we will recommend a more specialized data recovery service. We are currently partnered with a company called Drive Savers who can retrieve lost data from all kinds of devices including servers, workstations, smartphones and tablets, and digital cameras.