We hear so many horror stories about individuals or businesses losing irreplaceable data or pictures. One sad example is with a business that had employees changing the tape/USB disks every day, unfortunately, no one was checking the logs. Turns out the backup job itself was hung on an error from 2 years prior and all that data was gone. Make sure this never happens to you!

We recommend several different types of backup solutions depending on you or your company’s specific needs. We also offer backup solutions specifically designed to reduce downtime.

Backup types:

Cloud based – Each time a file is changed it is automatically backed up without you having to do anything. There are a few free ones out there DropBox, Google Drive, etc. These services usually offer ~5 GB for free. The free services don’t offer a retention or previous versions of your files, so if you catch a virus like cryptowall that encrypts your files and holds them ransom, this type of backup will not protect you as the cloud based backups will also get encrypted. We offer a few types of cloud backup services that do include previous versions, contact us today to get a quote.

Image based – Image based backups are different from regular backups. Image based backups take a complete picture of your entire computer system. This includes windows, users, shares, programs installed and so much more. In the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster an image based backup could be booted up to different hardware.

Quickspin backups – Offers all the benefits of image based backups, but also after each backup job runs, a restore job also runs to a standby server. What you end up with is a server up to date with all your information on standby, ready to be turned on in the event of an incident. This can offer customers high business availability by limiting downtime.

We offer checkup services as well. If you have someone that is supposed to be handling your backups but would like a second opinion, let us double check and make sure everything is being done as it should be.

If you are not sure when your last backup occurred or if you are unsure how to check it, please give us a call and let us evaluate your backup system before a failure happens and it’s too late.

If by chance you found this page too late and you need data recovery because you did not have a backup, we can assist with that too.