Welcome to Clark Computer Services of Vero Beach, Florida. For over 15 years, we have built a solid reputation and high level of customer satisfaction by providing outstanding customer service. Our skilled technicians pride themselves with preventing downtime as well as lightning fast problem resolution if downtime strikes. We won’t make you wait on hold for a half hour or transfer you to overseas technical support.

Although small to medium business computer repair is our specialty, we offer data recovery, virus removal, remote monitoring, network installation and diagnosis, consultation, and more to residential and business customers alike in Vero Beach, Sebastian, Fort Pierce, PSL, and more. Stop by or give us a call today at (772) 226-0141 and you’ll quickly realize why we’re more than just a ‘bit’ better than our competition.


Remote Monitoring

We provide remote management and monitoring for your business to ensure all of your computers remain secure and up-to-date.


Malware Removal

We thoroughly remove viruses, spyware, and unwanted applications and additionally ensure that your antivirus software is up to date.


Data Recovery

If you’re a victim of data loss and didn’t remember to make a backup, we’ve got you covered. We can recover lost pictures, documents, and more.
Internet Threat Level:Internet Storm Center Infocon Status

Everything is normal.
No significant new threat known.
This status is used for testing only.
Everything is normal.
No significant new threat known.
We are currently tracking a
significant new threat. The impact
is either unknown or expected to be
minor to the infrastructure. However,
local impact could be significant.
Users are advised to take immediate
specific action to contain the impact.

Example: ‘MSBlaster’ worm outbreak.

A major disruption in connectivity is
imminent or in progress.

Examples: Code Red on its return, and
SQL Slammer worm during its first half day

Loss of connectivity across a large part
of the internet.